Ways to Customise Your Chain Link Fence


If you're looking for a fencing option, whether for your home or business, consider chain link fencing. You'll be able to customise it in various ways to meet your needs. Look some of the possibilities, highlighted below. 1. Fence Height The form and structure of a chain-link fence are open to variation. You can set up extremely high dividers if you want to encircle a business or a tennis court, for example.

23 July 2020

3 Essential Tips to Finding the Perfect Commercial Fencing Option


Commercial premises require maximum security to protect valuable assets owned. One way to do this is by installing chain link fencing around its perimeter. The beauty and safety of your commercial property lie in selecting the right type of fencing, which ultimately offers a safe environment for people to enjoy the business outdoors.  To choose the perfect commercial fencing, we prepared a few tips to help you achieve this.  1. Research and Learn

13 November 2019

Benefits of buying automatic gates


Many property owners are opting for automatic gates due to their increased security and protection. There are many benefits of installing an automatic gate, including the following: Privacy and safety Privacy is an essential aspect of their home for every homeowner. Buying an automatic gate is the best way to ensure privacy for you and your family. With the use of a remote, your entrances and exits can open and close at your command.

11 July 2019

Comparing the swinging and sliding mechanisms of automatic gates


When thinking of the best type of gates that will complete your new fencing project, automated gates are a no brainer. These gates are safe, durable and convenient to use. The added automation functions also make it easier for you to open or close the gate from a remote location. There are two main ways through which automatic gates operate: via a swinging or sliding mechanism. Swinging gates are the more common option across homes and businesses.

22 April 2019

Automatic Gate Systems: Essential Tips for Promoting Ideal Performance


Automatic gate systems are perfect for your home if you are planning on improving security and access control. These gates are favourable because of their convenient operation. The automatic opening and closing will eliminate the need to exit your vehicle when passing through. Modern auto gates are also ideal because they come with multiple security options. In addition, these gates are highly durable. However, it is important to note that the performance and durability will be determined by the choices made after purchasing the gate.

12 January 2019

3 Types Of Coatings For Your Chainwire Fence


If you have a chainwire fence installed around your property because of the nature of your business, you may want to consider getting it coated and re-coated from time to time. Adding a coating to the fence is a good way to prevent corrosion and to keep it looking as presentable as possible. Here are some types of coatings to consider for your chainwire fencing.  1. Galvanised Coating Galvanised coating is a time-tested solution when it comes to fences.

31 July 2018

Why Use Glass for Exterior Fencing and Balustrades?


A homeowner has many options available for exterior fencing, and for the balustrades needed around a patio, balcony, or other such area. While each choice will have its own pros and cons, glass can be a great option for any home's exterior. Whatever your needs for a new fence, a railing, or any type of barricade around any exterior area of your property, note a few reasons to consider using glass versus any other material.

26 February 2018