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We are demolishing our older house and building a new modern house. Our old fence won't look that good with a modern house, so we are searching for a sleek, modern fence to complement the new house. It's quite fun to shop for the new house and see how the different fence styles might look with the new house. This blog has some inspiration for other home owners looking to get a new fence installed. We have a range of materials, styles and fencing techniques on display on this blog. I hope you will find it useful when looking for a new fence.

3 Types Of Coatings For Your Chainwire Fence


If you have a chainwire fence installed around your property because of the nature of your business, you may want to consider getting it coated and re-coated from time to time. Adding a coating to the fence is a good way to prevent corrosion and to keep it looking as presentable as possible. Here are some types of coatings to consider for your chainwire fencing

1. Galvanised Coating

Galvanised coating is a time-tested solution when it comes to fences. This method employs the use of zinc, which is a metal that is resistant to rust. Adding this coating to your fence will render it virtually corrosion-free so that you can go about your regular business without having to give your fencing a second thought. There are standard, medium and heavy-duty versions of galvanised coating available, but the choice you make will depend on your budget and weather conditions. Heavy-duty versions tend to be more expensive and are best suited to areas with high moisture, salt and heavy winds. If you live in a more moderate region, you don't have to opt for a heavy-duty coating. A standard or medium coating will do just fine for you.

2. Powder Coating

Powder coating is a basic layer of protection added to your chainwire fence if it hasn't been treated before. You can choose from polyurethane or polyvinyl chloride coatings. Polyvinyl chloride coatings are most commonly used and tend to be the most durable for fences because they are able to withstand winds, moisture and other extreme weather conditions more easily. They are also suited to fences around swimming pools with chlorine. Powder coatings can also be used to give some colour to your chainwire fence, so they offer aesthetic appeal – apart from protection.  

3. Zinc Aluminium Coating

If you want to give your chainwire fence as much protection as possible, you may want to consider zinc aluminium coating as an option. This type of coating follows the regular method of first galvanising the fence with zinc. But it follows up the process with an additional dip in a zinc-aluminium mixture. You can either choose the standard version or the heavy-duty version of the coating depending on weather conditions around you. If you have the budget and you live in intense weather conditions subject to winds, rains, heat and cold, then the heavy-duty coating will be best for you. Zinc aluminium coatings are able to withstand corrosion more easily than most other types.

Choosing the right coating for your chainwire fence will depend on your requirements, local weather conditions and budget.


31 July 2018