Having a new fence built

We are demolishing our older house and building a new modern house. Our old fence won't look that good with a modern house, so we are searching for a sleek, modern fence to complement the new house. It's quite fun to shop for the new house and see how the different fence styles might look with the new house. This blog has some inspiration for other home owners looking to get a new fence installed. We have a range of materials, styles and fencing techniques on display on this blog. I hope you will find it useful when looking for a new fence.

Automatic Gate Systems: Essential Tips for Promoting Ideal Performance


Automatic gate systems are perfect for your home if you are planning on improving security and access control. These gates are favourable because of their convenient operation. The automatic opening and closing will eliminate the need to exit your vehicle when passing through. Modern auto gates are also ideal because they come with multiple security options. In addition, these gates are highly durable. However, it is important to note that the performance and durability will be determined by the choices made after purchasing the gate. Here are important guidelines to help you get the best results for your auto gate installation.

Choose Professional Installation

One of the common mistakes which cause automatic gates to fail prematurely is poor installation. Therefore, you should not take a risk with DIY setup. If you do not install the structure correctly, it might fail prematurely, necessitating a lot of repairs. Moreover, you might damage the gate in your quest to save money. It is advisable to hire an experienced contractor for the setup after purchasing your preferred gate to ensure personal safety, security and peak performance.

Prevent Dirt Buildup

You should keep your automatic gate clean after installation. Proper cleaning will help in preserving the aesthetic appeal of the structure. Also, preventing the accumulation of dirt on the surfaces can reduce the risk of rusting and other forms of deterioration. When cleaning the gate, you can simply hose down the gate to eliminate dust and debris. Do not use a pressure washer or harsh detergents. Chemicals and high pressure could cause damage and accelerate corrosion of the components. Also, you must protect the delicate internal components of your system from water.

Monitor the Gate System

You should monitor your auto gate system by conducting regular visual inspections. The check-ups are critical in detecting problems in the gate which could interfere with ideal function. When checking your gate system, you should look for malfunctions in the rollers, belts, automatic gate opener and electrical connections. You should also make sure that bolts and nuts and other connectors are correctly installed. In addition, watch out for damage in the gate panels or bars. If you notice any irregularities, consult your contractor for prompt repairs.

Minimise Friction

Friction can interfere with the performance of your automatic gate system. The structure might become jammed during operations, and you might also notice annoying squeaks when opening and closing the gate. Additionally, friction promotes wear. Therefore, you should lubricate the mobile parts such as hinges, rollers and chains to keep the gate system functioning at peak condition. 


12 January 2019