Having a new fence built

We are demolishing our older house and building a new modern house. Our old fence won't look that good with a modern house, so we are searching for a sleek, modern fence to complement the new house. It's quite fun to shop for the new house and see how the different fence styles might look with the new house. This blog has some inspiration for other home owners looking to get a new fence installed. We have a range of materials, styles and fencing techniques on display on this blog. I hope you will find it useful when looking for a new fence.

3 Essential Tips to Finding the Perfect Commercial Fencing Option


Commercial premises require maximum security to protect valuable assets owned. One way to do this is by installing chain link fencing around its perimeter. The beauty and safety of your commercial property lie in selecting the right type of fencing, which ultimately offers a safe environment for people to enjoy the business outdoors. 

To choose the perfect commercial fencing, we prepared a few tips to help you achieve this. 

1. Research and Learn

It's wise to take time to research and learn valuable information concerning types of commercial fencing. Make a rundown of the pros and cons of each type of fence to come up with a wise decision. Businesses and commercial enterprises prefer chain link fences since they are easier to install and can be customised in any style. 

However, if you are focusing on longevity and durability, vinyl fences may be your ultimate choice since they withstand weather elements and can last for years. Furthermore, wooden fences made from treated hardwood have been around for decades and can be perfect fencing options when cared for properly. Aluminium is another option you may opt for if you prefer ornamental fencing. 

2. Security Requirements

You need to determine your security requirements before choosing the right fencing option. If they are merely temporary, decide on renting a commercial fence for your property. However, for high-end security levels, look into durable fencing materials such as commercial chain link fencing. As much as they are see-through fences, they can be customised for thickness and height to prevent unwanted trespass and intrusion.

If you are looking into low-maintenance, durable and robust options, consider vinyl fencing. They are essential in enhancing your property's privacy and hide your commercial premises from external prying eyes. Consult with your fencing contractor for other additional security features to maximise your fencing options. 

3. Aesthetic Value

Great commercial enterprises do not channel their attention to safety and security alone but also on the aesthetic value. The best commercial fencing should also focus on the property's look and how people perceive it from the outside. It will ultimately attract more clients when designed attractively. 

Taking into account the aesthetic value can boost your business as well as provide a pleasant working environment. Commercial chain link fencing can help achieve high aesthetic value for your commercial property. 

You have a wide array of options when you are planning your commercial fencing. Be sure to determine your needs and how they affect your budget to find the right type of commercial fencing. To learn more, contact a company like Otter Fencing.


13 November 2019