Having a new fence built

We are demolishing our older house and building a new modern house. Our old fence won't look that good with a modern house, so we are searching for a sleek, modern fence to complement the new house. It's quite fun to shop for the new house and see how the different fence styles might look with the new house. This blog has some inspiration for other home owners looking to get a new fence installed. We have a range of materials, styles and fencing techniques on display on this blog. I hope you will find it useful when looking for a new fence.

Top Benefits of Decorative Fencing


In the past, a fence was nothing more than a security feature. Today it is more than a security feature if you consider the many options available. Decorative fencing is a popular one, and as its name implies, it comprises fence panels designed to create a unique pattern around a property. Notably, decorative fencing can be made from timber, metal or vegetation. However, some property owners are not entirely sold on decorative fencing and do not think it is the right type for their property. This article highlights why homeowners should not think twice about installing decorative fencing.

Adds Character to Property

Very few people will look at your garden or lawn if you install a plain fence with nothing unique about it. Of course, there is nothing wrong with plain fences, especially if you are the type of property owner who prefers simplicity. However, you can still achieve simplicity with a decorative fence since it adds character to your property in many different ways. Some people do not like a fence that stands out, but it should not be a problem because decorative fences come in various minimalist designs. For instance, the trellis of a decorative fence can have a uniform pattern all around a property. Although such a pattern is not overwhelming, it adds character to a fence and an entire property.

Guaranteed Privacy

A common misconception about decorative fencing is that it prioritises aesthetics over privacy. It is why some homeowners prefer fence slats that are very close to those with gapping spaces. However, you can still get the best of both worlds with decorative fencing. For example, climbers beautify a timber or metal fence and close gaps between fence boards or posts. Similarly, you can increase the height of a fence with a decorative trellis to beautify a property and prevent people from peering over it.

Compatible with Modern and Traditional Homes

Most homeowners think that not much goes into installing a fence. Well, you have to consider many factors before you install a fence, including the architectural design of your house. Notably, some fences are suitable for modern homes, while others are ideal for traditional houses. However, decorative fencing is one of the few fences compatible with both types of houses. Moreover, with the myriad of decorative fence panels available, it is easy to find a design and style that suits your home.

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11 January 2022